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Around the fall 0f 2009, a movie was released in theaters. This movie involves science fiction and a global disaster and was titled The Road starring Vigo Mortensen. The movie is based on a book written in 2006.

Throughout the 1990s, there was a lot of talk about global warming. This was caused by excessive consumption of gasoline, resulting in carbon emissions. Environmentalists have argued that the world clearly did not learn from the oil crisis of the 1970s. In a way, they could actually be right.

The biggest concern over the environment was the depletion of the ozone layer and the "Greenhouse", resulting in global warming. Global warming is still an issue among scientists and environmentalists in light of the potential population explosion, which I mentioned earlier and was depicted in the movie Soylent Green, and the SUV craze. Apparently someone in Hollywood had taken the idea about global warming and envisioned it even further to the point where it would melt the polar ice caps of both the Artic and Antarctic Circle. This would lead to the world being flooded by rising oceans that would engulf the entire planet. Such is the premise for the 1995 movie Waterworld starring Kevin Costner. By all accounts, it was a highly imaginative movie that would depict what a global cataclysmic disaster could do to the world. That same disaster would kill off all the known animal life in areas where there used to be land. At the same time, that disaster would also cause marine life (including mammals like whales and dolphins) to undergo an involuntary evolution. Perhaps one such form of marine life is a mutated flesh-eating whale known as a whalefin. The movie takes place decades after the disaster and those that survived may have been born long after such an event.

For the most part, the people that inhabit this water world live in man-made floating colonies known as atolls. They have no idea how their world came to be what it used to be before. They only know about survival and attrition. There are at least three different groups of people that inhabit water world. The Atollers (people who live in atolls) are the ones who built floating colonies out of whatever materials they were able to forage or salvage. Because they have limited resources and other forms of subsistence, the Atollers fiercely defend their colonies like hamlets against all trespassers known as drifters. Drifters are lone individuals who live out of their boats and forage for whatever materials they find, including remnants of cities consumed by the rising oceans. Most of the drifters never last long because they cannot survive without fresh drinking water, which is impossible to come by. Kevin Costner's character is simply known as the Mariner and is himself a drifter. What makes the Mariner out of the ordinary is that he is a form of mutant that has the ability to swim underwater and to stay there longer than any human. No explanation was ever given on how he became that way. Both the Atollers and the drifters are vulnerable to the most feared group known as Smokers. Smokers are what you would call the distant future's answer to pirates that raid, pillage, and murder. The Smokers attack both Atollers and drifters alike. Like the bad guys depicted in the movie The Road Warrior, the Smokers are also are dependent on gasoline to sustain their operations. This enables them to use whatever surviving modes of transportation they employ in their raiding and pillaging, ranging from boats to jet-skis. They are as ruthless as they are merciless. Unfortunately, so are the Atollers and drifters. In their case, it is out of necessity for survival. Throughout the movie, the inhabitants have no idea how their world came to be and they are forever looking for a mythical place known as "dry land". The truth about the mythical myth of "dry land" is revealed when the Mariner shows one of the Atollers, played by Jean Tripplehorn, the submerged remains of a city that used to be Denver, Colorado.

In typical Hollywood cliché, the movie had a happy ending. The movie is now available on DVD. There is also a special collector’s edition DVD that includes deleted scenes that were never shown in the theater release.

The first ten minutes of the movie:


Feb. 22nd, 2013 04:05 am (UTC)
I watched The Road. It's the kind of film you'll watch only once but will never forget.