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Around the fall 0f 2009, a movie was released in theaters. This movie involves science fiction and a global disaster and was titled The Road starring Vigo Mortensen. The movie is based on a book written in 2006. I will take the time to examine past movies that have a similar genre.

Since I brought up the subject of movies depicting nuclear war, there is another movie in which the “bomb” was the cause of a global disaster.

The "bomb" would also be depicted as the cause for a world-wide global disaster in the 1961 movie The Day the World caught Fire. In this movie, two nuclear bomb tests conducted in the North Pole and the South Pole causes the Earth to shift off its orbit and to drift towards the Sun. This would result in abnormal weather conditions, followed by the largest drought to ever strike the planet. Water would become more precious than gold. The scientists try to solve the crisis by setting off simultaneous nuclear explosions in an effort to "push" the Earth back into its original orbit. The interesting part of the movie is that the ending is open-ended. You don't know if the movie will have a happy ending or the opposite. The idea was to leave the movie-viewing public to guess. A good indication is when the people in the newspaper press await the decision to print the newspapers that headline "Earth Saved". They are also on the standby to publish the alternate front page that reads "Earth Doomed".

Some interesting trivia about the movie: The movie marked the debut of actor Michael Cain in a rather brief role and uncredited role as a police officer (hint: his Cockney voice is indistinguishable). The entire movie is in black and white but the depiction of the world in its apparent death throes is in tinted orange. The movie is available on DVD and is strongly recommended.