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Around the fall 0f 2009, a movie was released in theaters. This movie involves science fiction and a global disaster and was titled The Road starring Vigo Mortensen. The movie is based on a book written in 2006. The story is about a man and his son trying to survive a world following global –but unexplained- cataclysmic disasters in the forms of freak storms and tornados. All plant-life is dead and the polluted sky has blocked out the sun. Both governments and societies have broken down entirely. Millions of people die outright from the freak storms and famine that follows. There is anarchy everywhere and most people have declined into becoming cannibals. What is left of the world’s population is slowly dying from yet an unexplained virus/plague.

Amidst the bleak anarchy, a widowed father (Vigo Mortensen) tries to take his son to what he hopes is safety. Granted, I did not see this movie. I did see the movie trailer and read about the summery of the movie. Looking at the depiction of a global cataclysmic disaster, it would be safe for me to guess what would/could cause such a disaster. Two things definitely come to mind: population explosion and global warming. They actually do go hand in hand. The population explosion is more prevalent in China, India, Africa, and in developing and third world nations. Both India (population: over 1 billion) and the Philippines (population: above 95 million versus 34 million in Canada) are notorious for the worst traffic jams. This is due to too many cars driven by too many people. This would also lead to the excessive consumption of gasoline that would lead/contribute to global warming. This is a clear-cut indication of population explosion gone berserk –and no one is taking this long term consequence seriously. This would likely lead to “mother nature” getting back at society with freak weather caused by global warming that is likely the basis for the movie.

It seems that whenever Hollywood tries to make a movie depicting an apocalyptical future (The Day after Tomorrow, The Happening, and 2012 are good examples that come to mind), they get their ideas from current events, most notably global warming. However, population explosion should not be ruled out. There is a great deal of uncertainty out there. Aside from the fear/hype of global warming and population explosion, you also need to take into account the global economic depression/recession. Maybe Hollywood should make a movie about one that takes place about ten years from when you read this entry.

Just hearing about this movie would lead me to re-examine past movies that try to depict such potential crisis.

Official movie trailer: