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WonderCon and Comic-Con are conventions that involve science fiction and comic books. They have been so successful that other similar conventions had likely sent their people to attend those events just to take note of why they are that successful. Both these events may have even inspired other people to attempt to create their own events. Some of these events are as far-away as Canada. This is where the story of GottaCon comes in.

GottaCon is a convention that involves all forms of nostalgia such as gaming, comic books, and science fiction. The event took place in Victoria, Vancouver Island Canada. Its first time event made its debut on February 2009. However, there were two other events that took place as well. All three deserve special mention. More on them later. First, let us take a brief look at the bigger picture –Canada.

Myth: Canada is better than the United States. Fact: Canada, in terms of its bad government, bad politics and bad legal system, seldom do anything right. Most Canadians –particularly the government and politicians- are so bad at doing anything that they make the Polish look good. Very much of what they don’t do right is enough to write a whole book about what’s wrong with Canada –which I don’t plan to do yet. This has become too much of a cliché and stereotype of Canada. The most recent embarrassment is the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia or B.C. for short. GottaCon and the two other events that coincided have actually worked hard to break away from being the stereotype.

From the beginning, GottaCon had a lot going against it. For beginners, they had little money in setting up the convention and their own website. They had no budget for advertisement. The only advertisement was by word-of-mouth and the website. This included potential venders that wanted to sell/promote their memorabilia. They also needed sponsorship. The bulk of the sponsorship was from local businesses, although a few were from abroad. Two of the most notable was Sony (Playstation 3) and Bandai. What they lacked in resources, they made up for with determination, resourcefulness, and just plain luck. This is obviously lacking with the Canadian government.

What was the outcome of GottaCon’s debut? Despite having no means to advertise, the level of attendance was a miracle –considering. As many as 200 or so people had attended –and this was just from word-of-mouth. The whole event was by trial and error. There was still room for further improvement. The people that worked GottaCon had accredited themselves well. You could literally feel their energy and determination in the air.

Aside from GottaCon, there were two other separate events that accredited themselves well. One was the Victoria Film Festival and the other was the Victoria Toy and Hobby Fair. The latter is put together by Cherry Bomb Toys of Victoria. Like GottaCon, both events made do with minimal resources and a very small budget. Canadian politics and bureaucracy was parked at the door.

Given this, it is somewhat shameful that the Canadian Government does not follow by their example. The way the politicians and bureaucrats spend taxpayers’ money has gone beyond excessive –usually in the billions of dollars (Canadian). The 2010 Winter Olympics was one good example. The politicians and bureaucrats of B.C. wanted this project to promote their image –and ego. The people of B.C. did not want –or vote for- this event because of the runaway cost of setting up and operating the Olympics. The actual cost of doing the Olympics exceeded the projected figures and is still rising, even before the event was to take place. When the Olympics is over, B.C. will be in debt and will have to raise taxes to pay off the runaway cost of the Olympics.

By the time the 2010 Olympics takes place, GottaCon and the other two events will coincide at the same time. Not surprisingly, all three of those events will do far better than the Olympics. This is because they made do with the minimal resources and minimal budget on hand. They will also be better coordinated and organized, based on experience and room for improvement. It would not be beside all three of them to actually consult one another to be more successful. All three will likely have better credibility than the B.C. Government and the 2010 Winter Olympic.

Gottacon official website:
Cherry Bomb Toys official website:
Victoria Film Festival:


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Aug. 13th, 2009 07:43 am (UTC)
You're kidding right? GottaCon which brought 200 people is going to do better than the 2010 Olympics? Yes they may have spent millions (or billions) of dollars on the Olympics here, but a lot of that money was used to improve Vancouver's conditions. First of all, it created thousands of jobs (which is great with the current "economical slump"). Second, it led to the creation of our new RAV Line, which is a new version of the SkyTrain, which even after the Olympics will help thousands of commuters every day. Third, it forced the province to finally remake the Sea to Sky Highway, which used to be responsible for hundreds of car accidents a year and now is a much safer drive. It also inspired the remodeling of the ENTIRE Trans-Canada Highway, which now runs a minimum of four lanes from coast to coast. Where the Olympics may have gone horrifically over-budget and put BC into a larger debt than it already was in, it also created a lot of improvements. Hell, the security company I work for won a contract for the Olympics and I may actually do some security for them. HIGH PAYING JOBS. It's what we need at this time, isn't it?

Besides, the Anime Evolution convention in Vancouver was a much bigger success with it's 5000 attendees.

And what's with this "Myth: Canada is better than the United States"? Like you said before, all countries have their problems, just like the US. I'm not saying we're better, but I'm not saying we're worse either. But to say we Canadians make the Polish look good? That's just f***ing low. How's this then, "Fact: A lot of Americans are ridiculously obese due to fast food accessibility, overeating of large American portions, and lack of excersise". And I know you mentioned before that "Obesity is not a disease", but it doesn't negate the fact that it is a serious problem in the US. Jeez, one platefull of food I ordered in San Francisco could have fed an entire African village.
Aug. 14th, 2009 03:47 am (UTC)
First off, you need to give those people at GottaCon some credit. The fact that they were able to pull of their first event was commendable. They managed to do this without outside help –like the government. They asked me do an after-action report and make recommendations on where improvements could be made. I mentioned two other events, one of which coincided with GottaCon. I recommended that the people from all three events consult with one another to better plan for the events for next February. Whether they actually do follow the recommendations remains to be seen. The point I’m saying is that these people are trying to get above the bad stereotype about Canadians. If I did not think that they were good people or that they are determined, they would not be worth writing about, let alone corresponding with.

As for the RAV Line: I don’t doubt the fact that this will be a godsend for commuters, especially to Richmond and back. I don’t doubt the fact that it created badly needed jobs. Still, there was a bad trade-off. Because the construction took place along Cambie Bvld., many of the businesses along that route were rendered inaccessible. I have been told that a lot of those businesses went cold as a result. Many of those people have filed a lawsuit to B.C. Transit for the loss of revenue and livelihood. At this time of writing, the lawsuits are pending. B.C. Transit now has to spend money on litigation, which may be added to the growing cost of building the RAV Line. What happened was bad enough, but some in Vancouver would say that you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the RAV Line was a long time coming and is a welcome godsend to the people that commute on a daily basis. One little trivia: As far back as 1998, there was a paper study being done to determine whether or not an above ground LRT along the Broadway Bvld., from Burnaby to UBC was possible. Had this been constructed, the estimated cost would have been 400 million dollars (Canadian). The actual cost would have been much higher, due to bad politics like the fast ferry. The possibility of such may have been shelved in favor of the RAV Line. Still, it would have been a good idea for Vancouver to have three LRT lines, instead of two including the RAV Line.

Now concerning your possible job in security during the Olympics: Hopefully, you not only get to work a full 8 hours a day but also overtime (extra money). Still, there are the potential dangers/hazards involved. First off, the threat of terrorism (Munich 1972). Second, the people who will be protesting the Olympics. I actually heard about these people. Enough said. Even though they sound like all bark and no bite, they have to be taken seriously. A good example was the WTO riots in Seattle on December 1999. Of course, you have APEC 1997 and the pepper spray.

Despite the bad ink being spilled about the 2010 Olympics, maybe some good did come out of this –as you pointed out. Did you mother even support the Olympics? One last word: You’re right about E3. They deserved to be mentioned.
Aug. 14th, 2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Terrorism in Vancouver? Possible, but highly unlikely. As for the people protesting, not really caring. Currently I work security for ICBC, one of the 2010 Games' biggest sponsors. These protesters, lame.

And as for the Broadway LRT, it's back in discussion now and the businesses from Cambie that got pissed off and moved to Broadway are even more pissed.
Aug. 14th, 2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
This sounds like a bad soap opera. Some of those people might actually move back to Cambie, or move to Richmond?

Still, I would not underestimate those protesters. They could get away with anything. They might not attack your assigned area. But they can still raise **** somewhere else and gain attention from the press and the media, like WTO and APEC
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